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Merry Christmas from Fight Sports! Watch Master Ricardo Rezende Dominate the GP Expo

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Slightly overshadowed by the superfights at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo, the Black Belt GP went down all day just before the superfights. Featuring some really tough black belts and a few adventurous brown belts thrown in the mix.


The GP format is probably one of the more exciting rule sets in BJJ right now. The round robin format requires all athletes on one side of the brack to fight everyone and points are awarded for how you win or finish the fight. Submissions were awarded 4 points, win by points was awarded 3, win by advantage 2 and win by judges dec 1. No points for a draw. The finals was decided by whoever had the most points on each side of the bracket. The result: One of the highest submission rates we’ve ever seen in a tournament!


Gracie Magazine Coverage of Fight Sports Graduation 2013

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Roberto Cyborg promotes twenty-eight Fight Sports students at two-day graduation event

excerpt from Gracie Magazine (full article)


GMA Fight Sports celebrated their end of the year party and a two-day graduation ceremony on Nov. 22-23 in Miami, FL. Roberto Cyborg Abreu recently won the absolute of the prestigious ADCC in Beijing, China last month and dedicated much of his success to his students. The growth of his team and students is the product of his hard work not just in his own training but his investment in theirs.

There were twenty-eight students who received promotions from yellow belt to even black belt. On one day there was a seminar with Cyborg’s good friend Andre Monteiro with Brazilian BBQ and live music. The turn-out was great: “It’s amazing to see how much the team is growing. We had the biggest graduation I’ve seen with over 200 people on the mat! This weekend I gave out my 35th black belt,” says Cyborg.

Here are the names and belts of the promoted students:

Yellow belt: Jordan Basit, Sammy Sack

Green belt: Alexander Gavurin, Fernando Plentz, Gabriel Garcia, Ricardo Guerreiro, John Curry

Blue belt: Mike Diaz, Otto Von Schirach, Zev Benet, Tal Shemesh, Charles Conti

Purple belt: Angelina Pereira, Eli Reeves, Fernando Terry, Scot Postupack

Brown belt: Justin Brunet, Daniel Moura, Andreas Duplat, Forrest Moyano, Tony, Schneider, Jerry Mehu, Mario Escurra

Black belt: Leanna Dittrich, Gabriel Escudero

Congratulations to Fight Sports. More information about their academy can be found at:




excerpt from Gracie Magazine (full article)

FS 2013 End of Year party and Graduation – Sat Nov 23rd

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What a way to close the year… I’m very excited for this graduation!!
As a present to you guys, FS is also giving a FREE seminar with professor Andre Monteiro on Friday! – Cyborg

Free Seminar with multiple time champ Andre Moneiro from NG.
Friday Nov 22nd 7-9pm
– contact Vitor or call 786-290-6875 for more info

Belt Promotion
Saturday Nov 23rd 12PM, training 10am before graduation

Graduation is next weekend and I have to confirm everyone who are coming for the event with any guests you guys may want to bring. We have a lot to celebrate!! You guys have to confirm the name here or with Vitor Riciotti at the school by today and pay by Friday. CASH ONLY $35/person.


Guys this BBQ was so good last year. Please give Vitor your name and any guest immediately so we can make sure we have enough food. Too many people last year tried to get in day of and many could not due to food running out. Give your name and the names of your guest now! – 786-290-6975
2220 Northeast 2nd Avenue Miami, Fl 22137

A few photos from last year (Dec 2012):

2012 end of year graduation  and bbq

2012 end of year graduation and bbq



Ricardo Rezende wins gold in World Jiu-Jitsu Grand Prix 2013 Black Belt!!

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Ricardo Rezende wins gold at the Grand Prix event at the 2013 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, last Sunday, November 10th.

Interview with Ricardo on BJJee:

Read the Gracie Mag article:

Read about it on BJJee:





Competition Breakdown from Gracie Mag:

The grand prix set for the second day of the 2013 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo on Sunday, Nov. 10 began at 10 a.m. inside the Long Beach Convention Center. Since there were black belt athletes who could not make it for the event, two brown belts opted to step in and take their place despite having competed in the brown belt grand prix the day before. The two were Travis Stevens and Shiloh Roberts.

Here is how the Brown/Black Belt GP played out:


Jackson Sousa

Nathan Mendelsohn

Omar Sabha

Marcel Goncalves

Shiloh Roberts


James Puopolo

Eliot Kelly

Travis Stevens

Alessandro Ferreira

Ricardo Rezende



4 pts – Nathan Mendelsohn defeated Omar Sabha by armbar
4 pts – Jackson Sousa defeated Shiloh Roberts by choke
4 pts – Marcel Louzado defeated Shiloh Roberts by armbar
2 pts – Jackson Sousa defeated Nathan Mendelsohn by 3-3 points 2-1 advantages 0-1 penalty = 2 advantages
4 pts – Omar Sabha defeated Shiloh Roberts by toehold
2 pts – Jackson Sousa defeated Marcel Goncalves by 2-2 points 2-1 advantage = 1 advantage
4 pts – Nathan Mendelsohn defeated Shiloh Roberts by choke from mount
2 pts – Marcel Goncalves defeated Omar Sabha by DQ for knee reap
3 pts – Nathan Mendelsohn defeated Marcel Goncalves by 11-2 points 5-0 advantages
4 pts – Jackson Sousa defeated Omar Sabha by north/south choke


4 pts – James Puopolo defeated Eliot Kelly by kneebar
4 pts – Travis Stevens defeated Alessandro Ferreira by armbar
3 pts – Travis Stevens defeated Eliot Kelly by 6-2 points 9-0 advantages
4 pts – James Puopolo defeated Ricardo Rezende by kneebar
4 pts – Ricardo Rezende defeated Eliot Kelly by choke from the back
4 pts – James Puopolo defeated Alessandro Ferreira by straight armbar
4 pts – James Puopolo defeated Travis Stevens by kneebar
4 pts – Ricardo Rezende defeated Alessandro Ferreira by armbar from triangle
4 pts – Ricardo Rezende defeated Travis Stevens by armbar from triangle
4 pts – Alessandro Ferreira defeated Eliot Kelly by flying armbar


Jackson Sousa vs. Ricardo Rezende

James Puopolo vs. Nathan Mendelsohn

Ricardo Rezende defeated Jackson Sousa by 1-0 advantage
James Puopolo defeated Nathan Mendelsohn by 4-0 points 1-1 advantages


Ricardo Rezende vs. James Puopolo

Ricardo Rezende defeated James Puopolo by toehold for the gold trophy


Fightsports collecting medals at IBJJF No-Gi Worlds in California

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A group of Fight Sports warriors have returned with many medals from the IBJJF No-Gi World Championship in Long Beach, California this past weekend. November 2nd and 3rd.

Will Abreu brought home gold in the brown belt heavy weight.
Tal Shemesh got Bronze in the blue belt light feather weight category.
Jairo Sandoval got Bronze in brown ultra heavy.
Virginia lee Perez also achieved a Bronze in blue belt heavy weight and a Silver in the open class.
Tony Schneider brought home the Gold in the purple belt middle weight division.
Ricardo Rezende brought home Bronze in the very competitive ultra heavy weight black belt division.
Denis Mitchel Pinto brought home the gold in the black belt middle division.





Congrats to everyone that competed. We are all very proud of you guys! Fight Sports Ossss

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