Merry Christmas from Fight Sports! Watch Master Ricardo Rezende Dominate the GP Expo

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Slightly overshadowed by the superfights at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo, the Black Belt GP went down all day just before the superfights. Featuring some really tough black belts and a few adventurous brown belts thrown in the mix.


The GP format is probably one of the more exciting rule sets in BJJ right now. The round robin format requires all athletes on one side of the brack to fight everyone and points are awarded for how you win or finish the fight. Submissions were awarded 4 points, win by points was awarded 3, win by advantage 2 and win by judges dec 1. No points for a draw. The finals was decided by whoever had the most points on each side of the bracket. The result: One of the highest submission rates we’ve ever seen in a tournament!


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