Fight Sports Family / Association

Fight Sports was founded in March 2003 by Roberto Cyborg Abreu in the city of Campo Grande-MS, Brazil.

The team was created with the intention to unite its students as a family, and have the mat as their second home.


Back than, Cyborg was still a purple belt. With lots of hard work and passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts, Fight Sports from the beginning had a massive growth and the TEAM didn’t take long to shine! On the 12/20/2004, Master CYBORG was graduated Black Belt, by the hands of his Master Francisco “TOCO” Albuquerque, at Nova Geracao Academy in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. In 2007 Fight Sports was already the best school in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, conquering many state championships and even National tornaments. That was it, Brazil was already too small for such a great Team. In the year of 2007 Roberto moved to Miami Florida, and opened Fight Sports Miami. Just like every other challenge in life, it wasn’t easy to start everything from scratch again, but it was worth it.


Nowadays, Fight Sports has became a Internationally recognized school, having over 16 affiliate schools around the globe. Cyborg has made numerous National and International champions, like Brazilian National, South American, Pan-American and World champions through the years.
Today we proud ourselves to have the tittle of the best team in the world!


Come make part of this great Family!!

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