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Fight Sports Shines at Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Miami

This past weekend Miami Held the Abu Dhabi pro Trials in Miami Florida.  Fight Sports Miami literally put on a show of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, conquering many medals, and Guaranteeing 7 Athletes for the Worlds witch will be held in Abu Dhabi in Mid April.

tuAthletes Qualified for the event:

#Marcel Goncalvez  Category winnerunder 165 – 3 X Open Absolute Champion (San Diego/Hawaii/Miami Trials)

#Roberto Cyborg Abreu winner Category Over 205 NY Trials

#Bruno Ewald Category winner Over 205 Hawaii Trials

#Ricardo Rezende Category winner Under 185 – Miami Trials

#Paulo Bruno Azambuja, Category Winner under 202 – Canada Trials

#Hunter Ewald Category winner under 185 (NY/Hawaii/Miami trials) Light Absolute champion Purple belt

#Jordan Heyman Category Winner Over 205 – heavy Absolute Champion  Purple belt  – Miami Trials

Go Fight Sports!!!!!